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Who would win? Unohana vs kaguya???

Tite Kubo's hit shonen manga Bleach came to an end in Japan with 74 volumes to its name, and the franchise went dark for a few years after that. Now it's back, and the series feels fresher than ever with the one-shot chapter released in August. Years have passed, but the journey is not yet over. Part one of the New Year’s celebrations in Bleach: Brave Souls begins with the Untold Stories: Three Step-Up Summons. Until January 12th, players will be able to Summon Kenpachi Zaraki and Retsu Unohana. The first step is free and step six guarantees one of the 12 5-star characters. Both of these debutants were designed by Tite Kubo himself. The chapters 424–686 of the Bleach manga series, written and illustrated by Tite Kubo, comprise two story arcs: the "Lost Agent arc" (死神代行消失篇, Shinigami Daikō Shōshitsu hen) and the "Thousand-Year Blood War arc" (千年血戦篇, Chitose Kessen Hen). The plot follows the Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki who is in charge of slaying Hollows, evil spirits that attack people. Gantenbainne Mosqueda (ガンテンバイン・モスケーダ, Gantenbain Mosukēda) is the 107th Arrancar in Sōsuke Aizen's army. He has brown eyes and a big burnt orange afro-style haircut with thick sideburns and a goatee. His outfit has been modified to match his particular style, including large frills on his collar and thighs. The remains of his Hollow mask are a sunglasses-shaped ... This article is about the manifested spirit of Izuru Kira's Zanpakutō as he appears in the anime-only Zanpakutō Rebellion arc. For his Zanpakutō and its abilities, see Wabisuke. Wabisuke (侘助) is the manifested spirit of Izuru Kira's Zanpakutō. Wabisuke's manifested spirit takes the form of a gaunt man with long black hair and considerably small irises. His eyes are outlined in black ... Retsu Unohana Konan Temari Karin Momo Hinamori Tsunade Senju Yoruichi. Anyways, enough talk, ON WITH THE STORY! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX "It's almost over." Naruto said as he glared into the singly eye of the Juubi. Naruto was facing off against the Juubi who used to me Madara Uchiha, prior to him exploding of course. Bleach, one of the former big three shonen anime, is known for a lot of things.Bleach has compelling teen angst-fueled story that was occasionally and abruptly interrupted by extended filler arcs, a final manga only story arc that is so convoluted that it probably ever be adapted, and some of the most over the top and reality-bending fights in anime. Bleach is, more or less, a male-dominated world. However, when it comes to manga it is one of the most inclusive of women, with quite a few formidable ladies in any race: Soul/Shinigami, Arrancar, Quincy, and Visored.As the manga and anime progressed, audiences met more and more powerful women with tremendous abilities, while the ones they already knew and loved (like Rukia) grew even stronger.

2022.01.22 17:08 nerdyotaku88 Who would win? Unohana vs kaguya???

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2022.01.22 17:08 swagNextTuber See how drones lured this rescue dog to safety with sausages

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2022.01.22 17:08 3baechu Construction of Maine's tallest building is now underway

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2022.01.22 17:08 The1stFrogs My FIRST NFT collection NFT

Hi!!! I would like to let you know that I posted my FIRST NFT collection on OpenSea
- 'The First Frogs' -
Please, support me, I'm starting now and would like to share them.
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2022.01.22 17:08 krice33 I.G F4F 4L + interaction

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2022.01.22 17:08 vanillacoffeebean21 After this week's storms, grabbing some much needed vitamin D 🌄🌄🌄

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2022.01.22 17:08 smartybrome Habitually Better: Building habits to be your best self!

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2022.01.22 17:08 Hyfypiedyqew 10mg DMT + 3mg 5-MEO-DMT + maoi?

Is it safe, I think not , but how do you think? Thanks!
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2022.01.22 17:08 MarcoAnime Push Square on Twitter

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2022.01.22 17:08 iamjohnfrusciante [S] [USA-NJ] Full Ninja Inferno 7" Bundle

I have a full Ninja Inferno Bundle Everything pictured is new, open box. I set it up once and never used it.
-Ninja Inferno 7" Monitor w/ Connecting Cable
-Power Supply with Global Adapters
-Ninja Carrying Case
-SSD Caddy With Brand New WD Blue 1TB SSD
-AtomX Power Kit (Fast Charger Docking Station + 2 5200maH Batteries + Global Outlet Adapters)
-Small Rig Adapter
Asking $720 shipped and insured Paypal G&S within the USA
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2022.01.22 17:08 chichinfu Be careful there https://flip.it/DrK9UM Mexico: Canadian Tourist Dead In Shooting At Resort Hotel Playa Del Carmen

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2022.01.22 17:08 lover_of_garlicbread How are you going to obtain Pokemon Legends Arceus?

View Poll
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2022.01.22 17:08 Appropriate_Moose266 2009 Toyota Corolla not exceeding 10mph after cleaning throttle body? Help!

First off, I just want to say thank you if you read this to the end and still take the time to comment/try to help. <3
I'm a single mom and have done all of the work on my car since I bought it in 2015 as a means to save money, and I would really like to keep it that way until I absolutely can't. That said, I am not a mechanic, and all of the repairs I have done have been with my good friend google. So here is my dilemma:
The car has been running poorly for a while now. I've noticed a general lack of power, the gas mileage not being where it should, and over the last 5-6 months I've been getting a rough idle and jerking while braking that has gradually gotten worse. I had suspected that my battery was going bad (it was overdue anyway) and in December the battery light started coming on periodically so I had it replaced. I didn't notice much difference in the vehicle's performance and had a feeling that the alternator was going out as well. Sure enough the battery light started coming on again and my alternator died on me, steering locked up and everything. I was able to get it to my work and leave it there until I could replace the alternator. Once I replaced it I reconnected the battery and the car was even worse, shaking and jerking while braking. I went a couple days like that and the check engine light came on so I went and had the code read. (P0304 and C1241, 4th cylinder ignition coil and the ABS relay) I replaced the 4th cylinder ignition coil, reconnected the battery, and when I started the car it seemed like it was hardly getting any power. I could drive it but when braking it was as if the engine was about to die (it did once). I went to AutoZone and talked with the manager there. They tested my power just to make sure I didn't get a new faulty alternator, and everything came back great. He said that it sounded like it could have been something to do with the throttle body, so I started looking into it. I have put over a 100k miles on the car and the throttle body hasn't been cleaned since I got it so it made sense to start there. So I decided to clean that, as well as replaced the air filter, and I cleaned the MAF sensor. Reconnected everything, started her up, and she sounded so nice, no jerking, nothing. So I decided to take her for a spin. Backed out of the driveway, put her in drive aaaaand now she won't go over 10mph. The check engine light came back on too. I read the code and it's coming back as P2135 (throttle position sensoaccelerator pedal position sensor).
Do I need to just replace the entire throttle body? I don't think I can replace just the TPS for my car? Is it just in limp mode and I need to reset? HELP PLEEEEASE!!! <3
2009 Toyota Corolla S 191K miles
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2022.01.22 17:08 PapayaJuiceBox Attempting to expand roofing business - how to build partners and suppliers?

Hi everyone,
I have taken over a roofing business over the last two years. Everything has been going great. I have a few builders that I work with on a quarterly basis when they build new units. But I’m looking to expand geographically and higher volume like: subdivisions, row townhouses, commercial builds and warehouses. I do everything from tar, to roll-on, enviroshake, cedar, asphalt, metal, copper - everything so product offerings aren’t a problem. It’s more of my reach being low. Facebook ads and Instagram ads are very saturated and you won’t get too much out of them.
Any suggestions?
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2022.01.22 17:08 DreamingRealityiii For those of you who can see images when you close you're eyes, what does it look like? Is it vivid? Could you draw what you see? Do you see it behind your eyelids? Does your image have color?

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2022.01.22 17:08 _blondeambition Night Terrors with Paul Barker

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2022.01.22 17:08 pearlgirl416 Marine Record search

Hi Genealogy friends,
I’m trying to find the rank and dates of service of a great uncle of mine.
James Frederick Kearns. He lived in Sandy Hook CT his entire life. He was a marine in Greece during the 1950’s (maybe 1960’s) but not during the Korean or Vietnam Wars at all. He was born 2/13/1936 and died 11/7/1998
I’ve tried the NARA but they aren’t responding to non urgent record requests and this is non urgent. (Its a family genealogy thing I’m doing).
I really don’t know if any of you folks can help me out but I figured it’s worth a shot (and you might respond faster). Or even if you can at least tell me other places to look.
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2022.01.22 17:08 thot_slayer_2000 My current favorite photo.

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2022.01.22 17:08 DRbrtsn60 Please Don’t Feed the Bears!

A few years ago I began investing in crypto. I did ok. Made some money. Was pretty pleased with my self. Then came my first bear market. I tried to hold out but it just kept dipping. Maybe I don't have the knack for this after all? Maybe I don't belong swimming on the deep end? So I sold my crypto and fed it all to the bears I panic sold. I broke even and felt a little relief. Then when the market rebounded as it always has. My meager 2K I got back oils have been 300K. I felt pretty bad. Because I was fine. I had a job. Paid my bills. And what crypto I owned was owned and it was mine. What I really owned was hope. And when I sold it I owned nothing that had the potential to change my life. Just the day by day grind. Losing it would not have been the end of the world. But selling was the end of that exhilaration and excitement of what might have been. I didn't have the metal. You see I owned BTC, ETH and more. We all know where those went. So I buy and consider it gone When I do. I'm in this until the bitter end. Or a glorious future. I will not feed the bears my hope. So I will keep my head down and stay silent. I won't give others a reason to bash me. On the other hand when it climbs (as it inevitably will) if asked how did you do it. I will also remain silent then also. It's a long line that will belittle when the bears feed. But it is also a long line asking how did you do this when the bulls run.
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2022.01.22 17:08 seemegaylord DA HOOD GUI ROBLOX * INSANELY OP* [2022]

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2022.01.22 17:08 Benchworm [OC] The Top 10 Trickiest NHL Names to Pronounce in 2022.

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