2021.10.26 17:26 Macaco_Mafioso 😟😧

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2021.10.26 17:26 FaithieWaithie42 Just Unsubbed from r/Antiwork....

Because they've started getting political. So sad, because for months that sub has been a big source of motivation and enjoyment for me. Oh, well....
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2021.10.26 17:26 StillAtIt1982 Beyond all patience

I was denied for additional funds in March, based on the cap. Increased to 500K in April, so put into reconsideration….7 months of providing documents. Was told I was denied by CS on Saturday, supervisor contacted me and said that is untrue, no denial and still in review. Received an email today, that I am in appeal, and to wait another 12-14 weeks. Called CS and they said you should be in reconsideration, not appeal as you have not received a denial…no ability to upload in portal, had to email all docs, took me at least 6 months for them to upload and have a completed file! Multi-entity business owner, misapplied documents to files, all on SBA side, marked all documents with exact application numbers. FML…787 credit score, positive EBITDA, show need… this is absolutely unacceptable.
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2021.10.26 17:26 YodasChick-O-Stick What's up

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2021.10.26 17:26 guppypogger3769 150 votes yub has to wear this

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2021.10.26 17:26 HaaKaanZ How to make a Household Unmarked as playable

Hi, I have a problem, I have a weird tic that every time I see a household with fewer beds than ppl or the house is too small for the size of the household I go into the household and edit it to make it more realistic. this has to lead me to have the green household icon on every household in the world.
is there a way to unmark a household ass green or am I stuck with it? not a big problem just a slight inconvenience.
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2021.10.26 17:26 cborgue Getting data from iopay

Anyone was able to get data from ioPay (Iotex's wallet) to Koinly?
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2021.10.26 17:26 No_Interaction_9295 astria ascending. xbox series x. new patch bugged out game.

todays patch bugged out all equipment in the game. the one i had on me or in inventory and the new one i get from chests. if i go into item menu i see the stats (like +120 str, +21 mag) but when equipped no stats are added to the character. so basically u play without armour, weapon, helmet or shield. even on very easy i get basically one shoted.
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2021.10.26 17:26 RegExr Dug With Headphones - Dug Days now available at Funko Pop Up Shop

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2021.10.26 17:26 MickeyTheHunter Reminder: ETH staked on exchanges can be bought at a discount

Just a small remindePSA: If you are considering staking your ETH with a centralized exchange, check if you can buy the "staked ETH" token directly - it might be available at a solid discount.
I am not promoting staking with an exchange, it has it's downsides, DYOR, but if you are going to, might as well do it efficiently.
For example on Binance, do not hit the Stake button to trade your ETH -> BETH (Binance staked ETH) 1:1. Instead, go to the spot market and buy some BETH there. The result is the same, your still earn the staking rewards on your BETH, you just got it cheaper.
Today BETH/ETH dropped as low as 0.92 - that is 8% cheaper than going through the Staking feature!
Hopefully this can save someone a couple bucks, good luck to everyone out there during these exciting times :)
(I primarily use Binance, so I am familiar with how it works there - feel free to expand with information from other exchanges/services!)
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2021.10.26 17:26 Vale-Senpai Meleementalists got the by far worst spec.

Having seen all new elite specializations I can safely say that Elementalists got a terrible spec and that's sad..
Why so much hate to us? I'd rather just see arenanet say frick Elementalists we hate em so u get nothing rather than getting such a bad spec and another melee wep.
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2021.10.26 17:26 abihargrove New Inspire 2

I am accustomed to the Charge 2. Been using older Charges for many years. I am wanting suggestions frm you guys regarding clock face choices. I am trying this one for a bit as I wasn't impressed with Charge 4. Weighing options with Fitbit's "updated" features. (Not really loving them), although I sort of like this one better. Also, if I decide to keep should I get a protector? There's a lot of touching and scrolling? Thanks y'all.
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2021.10.26 17:26 Mister_Zalez Only the strong can handle that clam !!!

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2021.10.26 17:26 throwawayAF555 How to keep from getting depressed at an office job?

Typical office worker here. I can’t stand coming back to the office after working remote for so long. Feels like so much resentment is building up over it. I liked the job better while working remote but they’re forcing everyone back to the grey lifeless cubicles now.
Despite wanting to, I can’t just quit because I have a family that depends on my income and, well, we’re just not set up for me to quit right now. I applied to hundreds of other places but my resume has me stuck in a very specific career. My experience is basically only useful at my current job or nearly identical jobs. My options are basically either to accept a huge pay decrease that my family can’t afford or to get a job I would likely hate just as much. I had to turn down a potential dream job because of pay and relocation and that hurt quite a bit. I wanted to take it but just couldn’t do that to my family.
decided to take a break from job hunting because I’m way too bitter about my current situation to make a positive transition. My bitterness and lack of energy is likely coming through in the interviews at this point.
It feels like my only option for the time being is staying put and accepting this job that makes me feel miserable and drained every day. I do have a lot to be thankful for, and some days I feel that thankfulness, but there’s too many days that I feel depressed and stuck and I don’t know how to change my mindset on that. I have a wonderful family, and my job pays well enough to make progress on debts while the kids go to a decent school. I have the privilege to go to therapy on occasion and sometimes that helps but I still find myself wanting to get out very often. I know I’m more fortunate than many, including my past self, so sometimes it feels selfish or silly that I’m so depressed about this. But I can’t seem to help it. I know I can’t keep letting it get to me so much that it effects my energy 24/7 but it’s easier said than done.
Anyone work at an office and not able to join the so-called great resignation? What do you do to maintain a positive mindset in the office so it doesn’t drain you all week?
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2021.10.26 17:26 Donkeyskunk323 To my Asian friend, at Cosmic Meadow, that told me the Pats were going to Destroy the Jets.. you were right, I should have betted on the Jets

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2021.10.26 17:26 Sennakashi 26 [M4F] SoCal/Online I’m looking for a princess to call my own.

I’m looking for a princess to call my own. Someone I can trust and build a relationship with from the ground up. I’m looking for someone that is committed to working and iron out problems instead of running and giving up knowing communication is the key. I’m looking for someone that has a us vs the world mindset. Someone who want to build a castle knowing it has to start as a home.
I’m a somewhat experienced daddy just looking for not the perfect princess but my perfect princess. I just moved down to SoCal recently after going cross country on my motorcycle Selene. I’m in the process of starting a new life one that I would love to be able to create with a special someone. I’m a very straightforward person if you have any questions I’d love to answer. If you want to know what’s on my mind, your free to ask. I also value communication, I don’t want anyone that’s wants to play mind games unless they are playful. No emotionally or mentally manipulation. I can be somewhat clingy when it comes to my princess so if that’s a plus cool if not might not be the one. LDR are okay as long as we make efforts to meet up and be together at some point.
Some of my hobbies are gaming waiting patiently for vanguard, other wise I enjoy most games and have a Library that’s is always growing. Watching anime free feel to ask my about my favorite and my fandoms. Binge with Netflix especially their documentaries or true crime stuff. I love watching movie horror, paranormal, thrillers so we can always cuddle up on the couch for lazy afternights with some popcorn. Motorcycling (I have a cbr 600rr that I named Selene and yes I name my bikes) if your interested in riding yourself or being , I want to travel, I enjoy road-trips.
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2021.10.26 17:26 Flamengo81-19 Com confusão no fim, Flamengo vence o Vasco e se classifica para a semifinal do Brasileirão Sub-20

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2021.10.26 17:26 FormalSmoke First Look: adidas Yeezy Slide Ochre

Check out Amazon Gold Box Daily Deals
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First Look: adidas Yeezy Slide Ochre
More adidas Yeezy Slides will be dropping before the year comes to an end. Making its debut this holiday season, here is a first look at the adidas Yeezy Slide in the brand new Ochre colorway.
The adidas Yeezy Slide features its signature injected EVA foam construction that results in a lightweight durability design. The other major feature on the slide is the soft top layer in the footbed that offers immediate step in comfort. The outsole utilizes strategic groove placement for optimal comfort and traction. This new Ochre iteration of the slide result in a dark Tan hue that takes care of the entire slide from top to bottom.
Retailing for $60, look for the adidas Yeezy Slide Ochre to release in a couple months, most likely before the year comes to an end. For a complete guide including official photos, release dates, pricing and where to buy, visit: adidas Yeezy Slide Ochre.
In other news, is the upcoming Nike Air Force 1 Low “Siempre Familia” a top 5 Air Force 1 release of 2021?
Source: Yeezy Mafia
Photo: requestboutiqueclt
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2021.10.26 17:26 CapnHanSolo When Bilbo's sword start lighting up for no apparent reason

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2021.10.26 17:26 fast_cart SOL Citizens: Episode 80 - "Industrial Strength: The Pioneer"

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2021.10.26 17:26 Will_from_afar Can someone pls tell me what happened to YouTube comments I can’t see them anymore

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2021.10.26 17:26 leotheabys Exquisitely curled feetsies

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2021.10.26 17:26 iCMspectre Ohhhhh you sexy cunts. Now the parts are gonna be separate, we’ll be able to fully recreate Hunter Team. Mmmmmh

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2021.10.26 17:26 FormalSmoke This Concepts x New Balance 992 Collaboration Opts For A Fruit Theme

Check out Amazon Gold Box Daily Deals
Check out the Top Deals on Sneakers for Sale on Amazon!
This Concepts x New Balance 992 Collaboration Opts For A Fruit Theme
Concepts and New Balance will be teaming up to bring to us a fruit-themed iteration of the New Balance 992.
Previewed by Dennis Todisco below, the Concepts x New Balance 992 comes dressed in a Tan perforated base paired up with matching hairy suede overlays said to be a nod to the skin of a kiwi. Adding to the kiwi them is the kiwi Green on the top eyelets, “N” logos, midsole, and tongue branding. Finishing details include the Concepts branding on the tongue, heel, insoles, and strawberry graphic insoles.
A release date for the Concepts x New Balance 992 has not been announced, but you can expect the collab to release sometime in the coming weeks at Cncpts.com and Concepts stores.
In related news, the Air Jordan 1 Mid Siempre Familia debuts at the end of the week.
via: Dennis Todisco
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2021.10.26 17:26 Present_Note895 Best of Charles Prats

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