1985 Illinois License Plate FCF 62

2021.10.26 17:54 synonyco 1985 Illinois License Plate FCF 62

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2021.10.26 17:54 Hyasfuq Cops Caught By Auditor Breaking The Law and Earning the Hate.

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2021.10.26 17:54 FrontpageWatch2020 [#143|+3145|61] SCORCH [r/titanfall]

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2021.10.26 17:54 Boey-Lebof Social credit 99999999

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2021.10.26 17:54 AusCOVID19 SA border opening welcomed but businesses call for faster easing of COVID-19 restrictions

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2021.10.26 17:54 Moonman292 Wiping back to front is far superior than wiping front to back

Truthfully I'm not sure how unpopular this is but recently I was relentlessly ridiculed by everyone I was with for saying that I wipe back to front. Everyone thought I was crazy.
I understand that there are certain sanitary reasons to wipe front to back but it just feels so uncomfortable for me. It is so much easier to get to my ass from the front rather than reaching around the back.
Back to front wiping all day!
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2021.10.26 17:54 N1kl0 Was the Combat Pass nerfing Ichigo?

Revisiting the series after 5-6y, just finished the anime and am going to continiue on with the manga.
Anyway, as I'm having a tough time comprehending the scaling of the series, Ichigo being nerfed would explain most things. I understand it limited his reiatsu in human form, but does it act like Kenpachi's eyepatch when he's in Shinigami mode?
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2021.10.26 17:54 bjlwasabi Just got the ACFC Sol Rosa Emblem 9FORTY cap...

I love the look of the hat. But man, this is one of the most uncomfortable hats I've had so far. The logo patch inside the hat really presses against the hairline on my forehead. I really like that emblem in sol rosa but man, I don't think I can wear this without that patch rubbing a bald spot on my head.
I'm hoping ACFC will sell something as comfortable as the black and gray heathered LAFC on-field 9TWENTY. That is my favourite hat of all time.
I know there is the P22 9TWENTY hat, but I really like the emblem design.
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2021.10.26 17:54 dirty2na I need help

Guys I have a but of a question I have the standard edition kcd on my ps5 but I dont have any pf the dlc’s I want to buy the royal edition that is on discount for 10$ and it comes with all the dlc’s so its wayy cheaper than buying the separately so if I buy the royal edition will it just take all the dlc’s and merge it with my standard edition?
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2021.10.26 17:54 plasticpeeps At the Pelt Room

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2021.10.26 17:54 fruktas21 The WINRY Army is coming to take over! Can you hear them? The ground trembling... The red lights!?

The WINRY Army is coming to take over! Can you hear them? The ground trembling... The red lights!?
$Winry is the next X1000! Winry is also a decentralized meme token, the army has already started 16/10/21 and it will take the crypto space by storm! 🌩

The dev? Doxxed, proof in the TG or on Whitepaper! 😎
ETH giveaways weekly we have our Twitter, influencers and much, much more! 🚀

Winry inu already has a functioning swap that was released on launch. Dedicated community or holders that see the long term vision. Winry has been listed on coin gecko already and cmc should be right around the corner. They have formed partnerships with top level Twitter influencers and are expanding marketing to YouTube and other social media outlets. Currently sitting at 3.9 million dollar market cap theres a lot of room to grow given the teams vision.

✅ 2% Redistributed To All Holders
✅ 8% Market wallet
✅ 1 % burn every transaction
✅ SAFU: Liquidity Locked 100%
✅ CoinGecko listed
✅ CMC coming 🚀
Follow the WINRY INU social media platforms below 🏆

Website: winryinu.com

Chart: https://dextools.io/app/ethepair-explore0x2d88dd9e282c72d93a2230c5cc324bb4f717010c

Winry Swap 🌪 :https://winryswap.app/#/swap

Coin gecko 🦎 : https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/winry-inu

Telegram: https://t.me/winryinu
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2021.10.26 17:54 enterusername34 Favourite layer 2 for defi?

Hi team,
Just wondering what is your favorite chain (matic, avax, sol, ftm, etc) to use for defi and why?
I currently use all of them but am wondering if I should just stick to one for simplicity.
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2021.10.26 17:54 TheOrder-44 Free $10 Bitcoin | Join the #1 Crypto Earn Platform Nexo

Step-by-step instructions: Step 1: Sign up with my referral link https://nexo.io/ref/jh5zqsnxmd?src=web-link
Step 2: Complete Verification
Step 3: Deposit $100 or more in assets and earn up to 12% interest APY on them
Step 4: You will be given $10 BTC but it will remain locked for 30 days.

Nexo Information 2,500,000+ Nexo Users
Available world-wide.
Real-time Live Audit: https://real-time-attest.trustexplorer.io/nexo
Regularly on live TV (Bloomberg)
Crypto card coming soon!
Banking licenses in the works.
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2021.10.26 17:54 filmhamster VIP keychain question

The VIP keychain was not an option when I signed up for VIP, and as a keychain collector that makes me sad! I was wondering how redemption works. If my wife created a VIP account she could get one, but does it require a purchase? I wouldn't want to have VIP points go on a second account we wouldn't use. Or, if a purchase is required, is it a code I could just use on my account, or is it somehow tied to the new VIP account? Thanks!
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2021.10.26 17:54 Visina 0506 0001 2975 lf new batch of friends

Lf new friends for exp :)
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2021.10.26 17:54 Zealousideal_Cold231 Minecraft Deathban

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2021.10.26 17:54 shudashot "Rich Borgus" is an anagram for "Big Churros"

According to Official Guinness Records, The biggest churro was made by Luis Caro and family as part of the Heritage Days Festival, Edmonton, Canada on 6 August 2000.
Edmonton is the home of the NHL's Oilers.
Houston's NFL team used to be the Oilers, but is now the Texans.
Rich Borgus = Deshaun Watson CONFIRMED.
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2021.10.26 17:54 minioar Would you purify?

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2021.10.26 17:54 Traditional_Chart734 List of Changes to Spark over the Last 2 Months

I think the sheer number of changes to the app/processes/and additions we've gone through in the last 2 months or so have just been ridiculous. If there are any I missed or you feel don't belong here please feel free comment below. I just thought we could put things into perspective how many changes Walmart and DDI have gone through with Spark over a short period of time.
Let's start with the positives:
- Shop and Deliver was previously (likely a test run) only available in a few select zones, now it is being expanded to being available to most or all zones.
- GoLocal program expanding beyond Walmart deliveries starting with Home Depot (could argue Sam's Club too). I am keeping this as a positive for now, but it is very possible this could become a negative for us if the Home Depot orders do not pay well and/or cannot be tipped on and thus take up offers and effect our AR that we would have to reject.
- Bonuses offered for Shop and Deliver
- Tip transparency was added as this by itself is not a negative.
- Express orders were changed from being in Store pickups to Curbside pickups. Listing this as a positive because it typically removes one extra step for us.
- We were forced to sign an arbitration agreement so we cannot sue Spark.
- Pay has significantly decreased in many zones per Reddit posts for standard curbside and express deliveries. Possibly dotcom too. This may not have effected all zones.
- Bonuses are becoming less frequent outside of the new Shop and Deliver bonuses. Personally I rarely see a 9 trip bonus anymore whereas a few months ago they were coming in 3-4 times a week.
- Many (not all) drivers have been noticing a decrease in offers. It seems many stores are switching to using Doordash fully or partially to fulfill orders.
- Surged FCFS orders now appear to require a few times being sent out before they offer extra pay.
- Frequent app glitches, moreso than before, especially with newly introduced Shop and Deliver orders.
- We were briefly (I think, they removed this in my zone, is anyone else still required to scan) required to scan orders after curbside pickup and after delivery.
- Some days tips do not appear after 24 hours, sometimes requiring 48+.
- Many people are reporting missing tips outside of the glitch above, probably too many to attribute to tip baiting solely, which could be a major issue with Spark stealing tips if not intentionally than accidentally.
- Customers can now rate on a scale of 1-5. A change like this typically results in worse ratings overall than a simpler thumbs up/down rating so listing this as a negative.
- RR first offers sent out times are frequently changing. I have in the last 2 months moved from :15 minute on the hour to :16 to :20 to :25 and back again to :15.
- Curbside pickup times also briefly changed from :45 to :59 and are now back to :45. There was no change to when you would actually get marked late or when you could confirm arrival at :39.
- (Personal observation) Walmart being a bit more aggressive with pay and bonuses for store employees due to the labor shortage and many employees quitting resulting in a lot of new employees who may not be performing as well as some of the more veteran workers resulting in more problems with us before delivery.
- App is currently glitched to show every order as "Ready" even when it is not, making this a useless feature in the app.
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2021.10.26 17:54 DoubleTap9 21/UK/PC Looking for a chilled person from the UK to play anything.

Hey recently moved to a new city for uni and barely know anyone here so I’m pretty bored In the evenings. Looking for some new friends to play games with.
I’m into shooters like Tarkov, insurgency, COD, CS:GO, etc. Looking into playing Minecraft again so I’m down for making a server. Hmu for my discord.
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2021.10.26 17:54 sqftgardening 33 [M4F] Texas Seeking Older Penpal

Good morning/afternoon/evening!
This is all 18+ Ideally you're 50+ :P
As the title states I'm 32 and I'd like to talk to a nice lady who is a bit older than me. Let me just say this isn't a mommy thing. I find the older female figure to be the peak of irs beauty and I was hoping to find a nice penpal today to exchange words with on a long term basis.
I've found myself more interested and engaged when it's an older partner. They genuinely enjoy having a conversation that is longer than a sentence and have a better appreciation for it.
If you've read this far and are interested please send me a DM! I don't like reddit chat, not the best feature this site has. And please put your favorite food or color in the subject line so I know you've read this. I'd prefer to go into detail about myself in private.
Thanks have a great day!
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2021.10.26 17:54 izLean Get $50 in BTC. Join Celsius!

Join Celsius Network using my referral code 1474078724 when signing up and earn $50 in BTC with your first transfer of $400 or more! Have a nice day.
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2021.10.26 17:54 Apprehensive_Ad_2935 "YOU" season 3 ep 8 Swing&miss?

What are the sexual fantasies described in this episode? In detail please
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2021.10.26 17:54 Freshcool Smurf Q's an issue

As the title says,it's an issue,can I hope for some changes,my ranked games have been like this for 2 months non-stop since I moved to euw,only smurfs and I win games if i have the bigger smurf number...How is this still an issue,why aren't smurfs getting banned or not being able to play ranked.
At this point make the level requiered to play ranked 100 or 200,30's too low and even if they get banned,they can lvl another account and recap their shitty excuse of game-playing.
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2021.10.26 17:54 Chadamant_Bars Need advice for Vanstrom fight! I get so close but keep dying during lightning phase

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