Stoic mindset

2021.12.07 20:45 iSutoraikou Stoic mindset

How do you guys get yourselves into a stoic mindset? Any practices/words of advice?
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2021.12.07 20:45 namey___mcnameface Screw That One Guy In Particular

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2021.12.07 20:45 aidanbh14 [USA-IL] [H] ASUS Geforce RTX 2060, 6GB [W] Paypal, local cash

ASUS OC Dual Geforce RTX 2060, 6GB
Price: $590 (shipping included)
The product is essentially in brand new condition. I bought it, not realizing my power supply wasn’t adequate, and I haven’t used it once.
I will include the original box / packaging for easy storage and resell value.
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2021.12.07 20:45 zmej_serow Mapping with bang: "noremap!" to lua

How do I convert mapping like this to lua equivalent?
Regular mappings works fine. Thanks!
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2021.12.07 20:45 FlyEaglesFly0620 Fuel question

Is 87 ethanol free fuel good for a 5.0? I keep seeing conflicting articles.
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2021.12.07 20:45 BostonScott4648 In movies where a character ominously coughs at the beginning and eventually dies of the illness, they should call it a Chek-cough

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2021.12.07 20:45 Tight_Bar_5014Oskar Why is Liv Morgan crying?

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2021.12.07 20:45 Vanding [WTS] Baccarat Rouge 540 2.4oz SEALED (Bottle)
200$ shipped
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2021.12.07 20:45 machinistcalculator Samsung fridge (model #RS22T5201SR/AA) needs main board #DA92-01196B. Can I use board #DA92-01196H instead

The relay on my main board went bad but the replacement board (DA92-01196B) is not available anywhere. Can I use board #DA92-01196H instead of DA92-01196B? I believe this is just a revision change
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2021.12.07 20:45 Obsidian_71 Don't who this is but I wish I did

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2021.12.07 20:45 OscarMaple Kar 98 is best (change my mind)

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2021.12.07 20:45 AlternativeBother185 Fortnite - Horda Impetuosa #02

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2021.12.07 20:45 WorldOfWulf What triggers what lightning rounds for DoE?

I was doing dares of eternity with friends, we did it 4 man legendary and it triggered the lightning round. We got to tier two and it ended. We tried it again legend with 6 people, after boss it just ended. We hit around 250k on the 4 man, and 300k on the 6 man. What triggers the lightning round?
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2021.12.07 20:45 Opposite_Onion7671 Ana Marta Ferreira - Novela "A Serra"

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2021.12.07 20:45 MiniBlocs80 Instagram using my camera when she's supposed to be turned off (green dot top corner)

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2021.12.07 20:45 EEA6891 My first two clients!! 😃

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2021.12.07 20:45 reddit062802 FRAN 211 during summer semester

Does the university offer FRAN 211 during the summer semester? I really need to know!
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2021.12.07 20:45 mh0102921 I kind of feel bad for Mike.

So, I'm on my 30th rewatch of workin moms (I have a few different mental illnesses and use tv as background noise to regulate my symptoms - been using workin moms for about a year now). At season 3 again. So, before Kate and Mike hooked up, Mike seemed like an okay guy, if anything a little cocky and aloof, but I liked him. Then, in season 4, he turned into a rather unpleasant person. It just occurred to me, that maybe the reason for this is because he genuinely liked Kate a lot, and was deeply hurt when he realized Kate very literally used him for sex. Perhaps he had genuine feelings for her???
In the beginning of Season 4, we see him in Cabo waiting for Kate, he then ends up impregnating the girl he met in Cabo After Kate never showed up. So while possibly having feelings of shame and rejection from Kate, perhaps he was in a bad place (mentally/emotionally) and rebounded? We find out he has a drinking problem later in the season as well, could this be why?
Kate really led him on for a while, had pretty passionate sex with him, and then dropped him like it was nothing. Then they continued working together which might be distressing for the rejected party.
Not sure how well I explained this, I'm pretty sleep deprived right now lol. Honestly, I just realized how messed up that was of Kate - at least in my opinion. Wanted to throw it out there since I hadn't seen it mentioned here before.
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2021.12.07 20:45 -soggy-biscuit- i am sad. scared, and confused

my 94 year old great grandma fell down yesterday on the concrete, not good. i went to sleep last night and she came to me in a dream. her face appeared and she told me how much she loves me and goodbye. she’s still alive right now but i’m scared i don’t want to lose her.
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2021.12.07 20:45 dreambiger2day What hand is the phone in?

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2021.12.07 20:45 IncZio Movie Songs | Best Film Songs & Movie Soundtracks Music

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2021.12.07 20:45 angry_user1234 Z390 Aorus Elite "invalid bios image". HELP!

Hello mates
I made the wrong choice of updating my bios to F10(latest update) when I shouldn't of. I have been trying to downgrade and absolutely nothing works. I keep getting the "invalid bios" error when I try to do it on boot and doing it through @ bios with the app center doesn't work either.
Does anyone have an ideas?
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2021.12.07 20:45 unixbhaskar Vim Integration With Cscope And Ctags Tools 2021_12_08_03:00:01

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2021.12.07 20:45 SwordWasHere kids explaining how there better then me for the 1000th time

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