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i dont have art anymore it's just fun to make these lol

2022.01.22 17:49 sup_my_dudes_123 i dont have art anymore it's just fun to make these lol

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2022.01.22 17:49 UWCG Adam Kinzinger Rips Ted Cruz for Suggesting Ray Epps Worked With Feds on 1/6: 'Absolute Lie'

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2022.01.22 17:49 arthurno1 Read only view mode for org with less markup clutter

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2022.01.22 17:49 harveycliniccare_com Gross Things Your Body Does When You Don’t Shower For 2 Days

Gross Things Your Body Does When You Don’t Shower For 2 Days We all have those days when we don’t feel like showering, I mean it’s natural, most of us are just too lazy to get up and get the job done, especially as adults when we don’t have anyone pushing us into the shower anymore. And it happens. we totally relate, but have you ever wondered what happens to your body when you fail to wash it on a daily basis? No? Well, we’ve compiled some points and explained them in graphic detail, brace yourself! Hopefully this will be the motivation you need to get up and take a bath!
Readmore: https://www.harveycliniccare.com/2022/01/gross-things-your-body-does-when-you.html

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2022.01.22 17:49 PandaSpirit01 Emotional Damage. A playlist that makes you scream at nights for the things that you did or regret not to doing it

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2022.01.22 17:49 SchruesKhom 🏆 Inu Wars Liquidation 🏆 Play 2 Gain Strategic Multiplayer Game. 🚀 Wide Marketing & Regular Monitoring By Developers 💸|🤑 Don't Miss Your Chance To Make Profit💎

🏆 INU WARS LIQUIDATION 🏆 Play 2 earn strategic multiplayer game. 🚀 Huge marketing & constant monitoring by developers 💸🤑 Don't miss your chance to make profit💎 Project Inu Wars is a play 2 earn strategic multiplayer game. We were inspired by the good old, well-known game Worms, and more specifically, in our opinion, its best version, Worms Armageddon. The project includes many trends, such as NFT, Play2Earn, memes (Inu), Staking, NFT staking, grinding and the multiplayer game itself. 😎 Team Achievements: ✅ IDO Hard Cap of 600 BNB in just 10 seconds. ✅ Listing on COINMARKETCAP, COINGEKO CRYPTOCOM in 30 minutes. ✅ Successfully passed two SMART CONTRACT audits. ✅ Numerous AMAs. 🥰 About the team: Medium sized team of 22 different professionals, 4 of which are Senior Developers with more than 12 years of experience in corporate development. Before starting our projects in crypto, we have been working together for 5 years as an IT company, developing various custom solutions, which include various financial and technical platforms, custom web development of any complexity, improvements to existing projects, game devs and much more. 🔐Contract : 0x2eEf17a57b87C87d6C2505578FBD0FA454757fbc 🥞 PancakeSwap (V2) : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/swap/swap?outputCurrency=0x2eEf17a57b87C87d6C2505578FBD0FA454757fbc 👍🏽 Ownership Renounced : https://bscscan.com/token/0x2eEf17a57b87C87d6C2505578FBD0FA454757fbc 🔒 Liquidity locked : https://deeplock.io/lock/0xefA27D25D9C77120f72E9043d74d79754a68d29D
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2022.01.22 17:49 Creeemi Big L for Chile

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2022.01.22 17:49 dan-yo Any gel stain gurus out there have advice before I apply a finish? Using old masters early American gel stain and will polyurethane after. Laminated fir

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2022.01.22 17:49 TakeARideintheVan Medela Valves and Membranes SUCK!

Medela pump hack here!
If you are using a Medela that uses the yellow valve and membrane set up I am telling you that you should try a set of Spectra duckbill valves on your pump TODAY!
My membranes were constantly popping even with replacing them every couple of days. I already have M-DER and the popping was making me want to pull my hair out. I called Medela and did you know that Medela valves and membranes are only good for 60 days if you pump TWO times a day?! Nonsense.
I pump 8-12 times a day so I would be replacing them every 12-15 days. Those suckers are expensive. $7 for one set where I am. Hell to the naw.
Let’s not even talk about he frustration of washing a billion valves since I can’t use the fridge hack! (Immunocompromised babies)
So, I took my happy ass to Target and bought some spectra duckbill valves. AMAZING. No more incessant popping! No more feeling the stupid pump lose suction on my nipple over and over again. They last longer than Medela parts! Easier to clean! They are cheaper to replace if you buy after market!
I haven’t changed anything except the duckbill valves to my pumping routine.
P.S the knock off ones on Amazon work just as well if you can’t find Spectra.
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2022.01.22 17:49 SnooRevelations9948 Is there a trusted seller of Takara Tomy/Sono Kong 4D beys for Canadians?

I’ve heard of 88powerpig88 but they don’t ship to Canada, does anyone know an excellent alternative?
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2022.01.22 17:49 Sugar1982 What would I need for a late to run analog lab smoothly live?

Not looking to drop a lot of coin. Just going to use it as a dedicate late too to v collection and possible other vsts. Windows not Apple
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2022.01.22 17:49 MissJuliaXX Dark eyes, warm smile

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2022.01.22 17:49 seanmcday1 Posted a new vlog tonight :) feel free to check out my channel and leave any feedback here :)) thank you

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2022.01.22 17:49 OlorinTheOtaku My First Impressions of Hyperborea 3e

Here's some of my first impressions on Hyperborea 3e after looking through it briefly...
The introduction is quite neat, giving a good overview of what sword & sorcery and weird sci-fi is, getting you fairly pumped up and in the mood. The awesome new page-border art really helps set the tone. The three forewords which made up the bulk of 2e's intro are absent. Which I think is sorta neat, since it makes the introduction feel much more solid, coherent, and focused, instead of just being the random musings of three different folks.
The artwork generally seems like an improvement over 2e. There's lots of great new illustrations, including (among many other things) amazing page borders for the first two pages of every chapter and extensive artwork for the game's equipment. Overall, I think the new art gives the book a very strong graphical similarity to Dungeon Crawl Classics. A lot of great pieces are recycled from 2e, but a lot are now unfortunately absent. Thankfully, the stupid color pieces from the beginning of each chapter in 2e are gone, and good riddance to that I say. They looked completely out of place.
Beyond artwork, the general book layout is infinitely superior compared to 2e. This is especially true in the classes chapter. Character features are now clearly marked with a heading and proper paragraph separations. Just like a normal RPG book, go figure. Honestly, the whole thing just makes 2e look like a rough, incomplete draft. Huge improvement!
The classes themselves don't seem to come with any overt changes from 2e. When briefly comparing the books I only noticed two specific changes. Fighters and a few other martial classes now get a slight boost to Strength and/or Dexterity checks. Illusionist now have a nifty built-in arcane Light feature, letting them summon colored orbs; as well as a very useful built-in Alter Self cantrip. I remember hearing that there's subtle mechanical changes, but can't remember what and didn't notice anything overt after a quick glance now. So, overall, nothing major, but heck, the 26 classes were already pretty damn cool. Now they're just slightly tweaked and fine tuned. The new and improved layout for classes already makes a massive difference.
The classes each come with their own optional starting equipment kits. This is supposed to expedite character creation, and I love the concept... If actually done right. It's borderline useless here. It doesn't give you the stats of equipment, nor the weight of each item, or even the weight of the total kit. Meaning you still have to work that all out for yourself. Not a huge deal, fixable by simply calculating every kit once and then saving that info somewhere. But come on, that's just inexcusably lazy on the part of the author. If used as presented in the book, this does practically nothing to expedite character gen.
There's a few new races, including ones from Old Earth like Greeks and Romans. A particularly interesting one is the Oon, the subterranean race enslaved by Lovecraft's Mi-go aliens. That's unique. But, since races have zero mechanics in Hyperborea and are just meant for roleplaying... It really doesn't mean much. We don't even get art, or anything particularly fun or useful, just a paragraph for each race. New lore is neat, though. There are a lot more languages now, too, including Latin!
On a related note, there's now a random name generator, with extensive tables for each race. Very useful, that.
Two-handed shields are gone, leaving just small and large shields. And shields now just have one AC mod, as opposed to the split between ranged and melee 2e had. Much better and more straight forward.
Weapon Class now actually determines the melee range of the weapon. Meaning that spears are actually useful, letting you attack from 10 feet away!
Weight based encumbrance has been tossed. Instead, now you just have the willy-nilly rules of being either Encumbered or Heavily Encumbered "if the Judge says so," which is just really problematic in an OSR game that supposedly revolves around treasure hunting and resource management. But the game still lists weights for every item, so, ah well, easy enough to homebrew if one wanted. Seems like a wonky step backwards in design, though. They already had the rules in 2e, why toss good work into the bin? Just to save half a page of space? It was already optional anyway.
Combat system seems essentially unchanged from 2e. It still assumes the classic announce-actions-before-initiative thing, but at least the confusing-as-all-bloody-hell segment/phase system is gone. They also add optional critical miss rules to the optional crit hit rules.
Annoyingly it still thinks people use the Attack Matrix chart, which is just utterly archaic. And it doesn't use THAC0, no. Instead one has a "Fighting Ability" stat, which you add to attack rolls. They've essentially combined the Base-Attack-Bonus mechanic from D&D 3e with the Attack Matrix chart from D&D 1e.
Fixing this baffling mess is easy, though. If you realize Hyperborea's FA is actually just a BAB (which the book doesn't tell you) simply use it like a BAB, with the target's AC, against a static value representing base THAC0. You thus mathematically invert the purpose THAC0 serves and skip the entire Attack Matrix system. So, all attack rolls simply work as follows:
[D20 + FA + Relevant Mods + Target AC] If the result is equal to or higher than 20, the attack hits.
Bing bang bong, you're effortlessly juggling the virtuous of both descending and ascending AC. Descending AC is now actually usable, and if you use content that happens to feature monsters with ascending AC, simply compare your attack roll directly to their AC, without adding it to your roll.
Honestly, I'm baffled that the author(s) still use, let alone encourage the use of the Attack Matrix. People have known how to properly deal with descending AC since the nineties. If you're going to toss the entire encumbrance system into the shredder - presumably because it's "too complicated/outdated" - then how in the living name of hell did the Attack Matrix get a pass? Maybe include it as an optional rule for nostalgia sake if you must, but solely featuring it as the default system only serves to perpetrate the myth that descending AC is complicated. It's only complicated if you insist on inexplicably using it as if we're in the seventies.
Hyperborea is now split into two books, one for the players and the judge. This is neat I guess, though it was kinda cool that 2e had everything you need all in one book. What definitely is neat is that the Judge's book opens with eight pages discussing the art of Judging and gives you some practical advice. Something that 2e inexcusably lacked entirely.
From a quick glance, the bestiary seems mostly the same as 2e's. Which is no complaint at all, since 2e already had an awesome bestiary. Though I did notice that Night-Gaunts are expanded now. There's stats for the Queen and younglings and a bit more lore, making the monster way more interesting and usable. Night-Gaunt Queen artwork is awesome and it made me really wanna feature the monster in something.
I don't like that there's still no fae. I realize they're they're trying to get away from Tolkienesqu high fantasy and whatnot, but they still feature trolls, ents, will-o'-wisps, and Norse mythology fashioned dwarves. I think traditional fae could have fitted perfectly into the setting. Hell, the book even acknowledges Lord Dunsany as a prominent figure in the origin of weird fiction. So... Why no fae representation here? Adapting The King of Elfland's Daughter, or Robert Kirk's ancient texts on real-world faeries, would make for an awesome Hyperborea game!
I was also hoping for some random encounter tables, but unfortunately none are present.
Magic Items seem unchanged at a glance. Which is fine, since 2e already had possibly the largest and coolest collection of magic items I've seen in an OSR game.
The Hyperborea Gazetteer seems mostly unchanged. There's a small bit of new lore here-and-there, but mostly it seems like the same content from 2e. Which is fine I guess. I was hoping for maybe a little more, though, simply because the setting is so unbelievably good. But you get a great overview and there doesn't particularly seem like there's any lack of content. So, eh.
The Weather appendix has been largely simplified. Though I can't really imagine anyone was using that massive subsystem in 2e just to see what exactly the temperature and wind is like anyway. The new system seems much more streamlined and usable, though I still doubt anyone will actually use it much.
The Rogues Gallery appendix from 2e, a collection of a few premade characters, is now absent! That's daft, why'd they remove it?
Worst absence though, by far, is that now the book doesn't feature the introductory town of Swampgate and The Black Moss-Hag of Lug. I've actually ran this in 2e and loved the hell out of it, tis a brilliant module and a great starting area! There is a new starter module for 3e, but it's sold separately. I loved that 2e had absolutely everything you needed right in one book. And now newcomers are going to miss out on Swampgate, unless they also grab the entire second edition just to get it, which is a crying shame. Swampgate's only 27 pages, why couldn't they slot it into 3e somehow? After all, almost everything else in 3e is just recycled from 2e.
This new edition really doesn't seem to add any significant new content or changes to the game. The main change is the VASTLY better layout and some nifty new art. Which is... A little odd, I must admit. It just doesn't really feel like a whole new edition, just a nice brush-up and collection of tweaks. And even then, it still doesn't fix some glaring issues from 2e, like the Combat Matrix; new inclusions like starter kits feel horribly half-assed; and you're now missing Swampgate and the Rogues Gallery!
But 2e was already one of my favorite RPGs, so 3e, which is overall just a direct improvement upon that, is still absolutely cool beans.
Generally speaking, I think Fantastic Heroes & Witchery is still better as an OSR take on AD&D. Largely due to it actually featuring racial rules, going up to 20th level and beyond (Hyperborea only goes to 12th), its massive spell list, and featuring sane rules for stuff like encumbrance and attacks. But FH&W does not come with any monsters, magic items, nor a campaign setting. You've gotta outsource those. Hyperborea comes with an awesome bestiary and an enormous collection of magic items, plus an incredible campaign setting.
Hyperborea 3e is by no means a bad game, and if you specifically want to play a weird pulp fantasy RPG, I'd argue that this is BY FAR your best option, there's no contest. But even just using it for general D&D fantasy should be tons of fun, as long as you don't want to go past 12th level or play a race other than human.
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2022.01.22 17:49 13th_Floor_Please Has anybody tried Mindbloom?

Been out of the game for many years and I'm all of a sudden getting ads for prescription ketamine. Anyone try it and what was the experience like?
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2022.01.22 17:49 louieisnotginger tooth extraction bleeding when brushing

i got an extraction 3 weeks ago now and braces put on one week ago, i’ve been trying hard to brush thoroughly for the braces while being careful at the extraction site but every time i brush near it the site starts bleeding quite a bit, it doesn’t hurt at all i can’t even feel it and it stops after a few seconds but is this okay?
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2022.01.22 17:49 excuuseyou Riveting news to scroll through today.

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2022.01.22 17:49 iwasbornyeetsterday Icecream Van

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2022.01.22 17:49 Admirable-Emu1129 MS hug spasms??

Is anyones MS hug ever accompanied by spasms?
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2022.01.22 17:49 eljay87skt Wait, It’s always been “Froot”Loops and Berenstain Bears?

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2022.01.22 17:49 bexyrex Vintage machine, restore electrics or convert to hand crank?

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2022.01.22 17:49 BIGDIRTYdeft Office/Leisure v2022 Setup

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2022.01.22 17:49 AGRE3D its my cakeday heres a collector tip

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2022.01.22 17:49 HomeOld9234 Some plx translate these numbers

After dodeca I have no idea what these letters mean. What's higher? Qt, qd, T. Or O?
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