broken laptop charger port

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2022.01.22 16:59 GuestNo8655 broken laptop charger port

can I put electric tape behind to keep it in place or is that flammable or can it fry the motherboard
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2022.01.22 16:59 insert_name_01 I need a pretend girlfriend

You see, finding a real girlfriend on reddit is next to impossible. But still need that support, so I came up with the oh so original idea of having a pretend girlfriend.
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2022.01.22 16:59 M10doreddit Sweet berry sprout: New way to plant

This item would be crafted with one sweet berry in a grid. For every craft, you get 3.
Right click on a dirt related block to plant it.
This is mainly just a way to avoid a situation where you try to eat the sweet berries, but plant them instead.
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2022.01.22 16:59 NagaDivine [USA-NY] [H] Paypal, Local Cash | [W] O11 Mini White, Radiator Offset Brackets, Lian Li AL120 White

Local to 10038. Please comment on post before dming time stamps and price. Thank you!
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2022.01.22 16:59 zipperLeaks Hot Leaks Discord Link

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2022.01.22 16:59 Indiosinpais Woke up and felt like painting some tengu masks

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2022.01.22 16:59 AngryMemeMan1127 my tetanus titan

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2022.01.22 16:59 exoticanxietty Trigger this fan base with one sentence

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2022.01.22 16:59 Diana_Prince14 Cutie

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2022.01.22 16:59 NathanKevin01 Battery optimisation on AP3

I was wondering when it’s supposed to start working ? I’ve had the AirPod 3s since launch week and I’ve only seen the optimised charging sign appear once - is this normal and happening to anyone else ? For reference I pretty much use my AirPods the same way every day - commuting for an hour + library later for hours+ using them at night when watching shows, so surely there should be optimisation for at least one of these slots right ? Is it maybe working but just not showing the sign ?
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2022.01.22 16:59 FuriousE [WTS] Sinn 356 Flieger Acrylic - Full Set

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2022.01.22 16:59 Glum_Obligation9441 😍🤘

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2022.01.22 16:59 Away-Age-1829 Can I come and buy roses in someone’s shop? 😊

Looking for someone who are willing to let me visit their island and buy roses? It’s not available in my shop yet.
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2022.01.22 16:59 VAMPALISTY 🔥💥💦

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2022.01.22 16:59 Free_Ad2625 Buying into the dipppp!

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2022.01.22 16:59 MorraSR Must be active. I could use some tokens to get my boosts going

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2022.01.22 16:59 Pancakes113 Boys... We've been lied to..

Get Ludwig to 3mil so we can see him as an edgy stepbro.
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2022.01.22 16:59 read619 Best coffee spots for coffee date in downtown GB

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2022.01.22 16:59 zipperLeaks Hot Leaks Discord Link

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2022.01.22 16:59 plau888 help! did i send payment to the wrong coco? 😭😭😭

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2022.01.22 16:59 unrestrained_clown Making a a tier list for every Batman villain, so give me opponents for Mr. Freeze!

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2022.01.22 16:59 Lyricalmiracle8 Hello, was wondering if I could be going through withdrawals?

I’m the type of person to do a bunch of research into the medicine my doctor prescribes me. I just don’t want to make my life any harder than it is. I was prescribed 0.5mg of cloneazapam and was taking it for about 2 months. Recently I’ve found out about withdrawals and the cloneazapam had started making me feel a lot better so I started working out and wanted to taper off the cloneazapam and use exercise as my anti anxiety routine daily ( basically get off the medicine and start exercising and eating healthier instead) so for about two weeks I have been taking 1/4th of a .5 cloneazapam pill to taper off because I wanted to get this over with and was super motivated. For the past 5 days or so I have felt no joy in any activity I do (anhedonia). And felt like my adhd medicine wasn’t working (vyvanse). I just have been laying in the dark in my bed all day and been miserable which hasn’t happened in forever (I’m on antidepressants too). Is this a very mild part of withdrawal? I just feel like complete shit and I don’t know why.
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2022.01.22 16:59 Paper2847 What in your opinion is the easiest job with no experience necessary, & why?

What in your opinion is the easiest job with no experience necessary, & why?
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2022.01.22 16:59 mybizareadventure What one should I buy?

I am wanting to but another junji ito book but I don't know which one to buy. I already have gyo, tomie, no longer human, dissolving classroom, frankenstein, smashed and frankenstein. What book should I buy next?
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2022.01.22 16:59 gabooj Lost Wallet

Has anyone seen a black Guess wallet between O-Hill and Old Dorms anytime in the last 16 hours?
I really just need my driver’s license and military ID.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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