The Colorado Avalanche doesn’t get enough credit for developing Cale Makar into the player he is today

2022.01.22 17:36 Steppenwolf6160241 The Colorado Avalanche doesn’t get enough credit for developing Cale Makar into the player he is today

After the story about Flyers scouts all wanting Cale Makar came out. My first thought was that even if he became a Flyers, they would’ve rushed him and played as an 18 year old in the NHL. Credit to how good Cale has become needs some part of it to go to the Avalanche organisation for giving him a good 2 years to develop and hone his offensive game in the NCAA. Not enough teams in the league give their prospects enough time, as a result a lot of them fall behind.
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2022.01.22 17:36 ThomasB207 Need help « timed out loading session »

So it’s been a few days since I can’t play GTA online, every time I try to connect, the game load for like 30min just to get « timed out loading session » I have spent hours on internet trying a tons of different things in order to make it work (different internet, checking files,…) but nothing has worked Is someone here having the same problem ? Is someone having a solution ? Thanks in advance
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2022.01.22 17:36 smartybrome Electronics : Diode (Part 2) : Diode applications

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2022.01.22 17:36 Professional-Cake268 Guys with uncut dicks😋😋 Do you scrape dick cheese into a jar and sell is at your local farmers market as parmesan cheese?

If so where can I order some?
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2022.01.22 17:36 Eldritch-Cutiepie Jamuary 22- Volcas Drum, and FM 01/22/22

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2022.01.22 17:36 God_Emperor_Shrek [WTB]/[WTT] FDE Radian Talon $50; FDE Raptor (OH)

Having finally settled on what color I want to play gun dress up with im looking for a fairly new FDE Talon, I also have a Tungsten Gray Raptor with a bit of scuff on it (1 mag worth of rounds but a fair bit of fiddling after I put it in) that I would like to trade for an FDE version in a similar condition.
Raptor and Verification
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2022.01.22 17:36 smartybrome CSI ETABSV19 steel structure analysis and design

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2022.01.22 17:36 LouieTheGMan Another jailed Facebook user

I'm again suspended on Facebook for a month. Last time it was for 'bullying' moronic musicians encouraging others to perform publicly even knowing they had been exposed to Covid. This time, a friend posted on my page, 'Oh, the stories we could tell,' to which I replied, 'but if I told you, then I'd have to #kill you.' Facebook is more and more becoming a dystopian totalitarian Neo-Nazi social media application akin to Nazi Germany. The only difference is freedom of speech is being restricted electronically, rather than by book burning.
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2022.01.22 17:36 steven09763 Perfect Commercial Timing

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2022.01.22 17:36 plantbasedgamer As someone who graduated high school in 2004, I’ve already messaged When We We’re Young on what drinks to sell.

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2022.01.22 17:36 zatannaswifey Why does the upper and lower limits change after u-sub? The range is the same so is it necessary to do this?

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2022.01.22 17:36 smartybrome الاظهار المعماري بالقلم الرصاص للمبتدئين

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2022.01.22 17:36 john_shillsburg So much for an open discussion

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2022.01.22 17:36 Competitive-Ad3029 thunder rain

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2022.01.22 17:36 WePutTheYeeeeeeeehaw "They're not doing anything to fix game!" *lists all the things they've done to fix game* "Noooo not enough!"

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2022.01.22 17:36 Gut5u Teamkilling.

Lately i have run in to a large number of team killers. Usually its people who kill you then burn you then try and kill anyone who tries to revive you. TF is wrong with people.
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2022.01.22 17:36 026261217809 Does anyone have helpful tips on building a shallow body of water that is a perfect rectangle?

I'm trying to construct something that is a bit like the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool in Washington, DC, USA, and it's proving more difficult than I thought it would be.
I'm assuming best way is to enable the "Quay Anarchy" mod and draw the quay in the shape I want. That's when it gets interesting since I can never seem to get the bottom of this Reflecting Pool to be perfectly level with no clumps of ground poking up next to the quays.
Any tips would sure be appreciated. If you know of a good tutorial on youtube that covers this, that would be much appreciated too.
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2022.01.22 17:36 adds68 Plastic restoration

Hi all,
What do you swear by for restoring dry plastics/rubber hoses/ dull carbon etc?
I’ve used mucoff bike protect and it does a decent job, but I was wondering if there was anything else to try.
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2022.01.22 17:36 No-Double6415 Could February 4 be the day Russia invades Ukraine?

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2022.01.22 17:36 SnowAccomplished9512 Growth potential

Lets say Gevo couldn’t raise cash at a reasonable valuation (which I think is $6.50 per share at current cash, contracts and IP) or get a financing at reasonable rate.
What are their options and valuation prospect based on these scenarios

  1. Could be an easy take over target for Chevron or any oil majors who are looking to grow their green business
  2. Finance build and off take (which is already an arrangement with Kolmar)
  3. Find a JV partner (Chevron has already done one with Gevo) and work on a off take / profit sharing option
  4. Issue redeemable convertible loan stocks, which would give confidence to funders to earn interest & redeem cash or convert to stocks if attractive
With patent in Australia and abundance of agri potential in Australia Gevo could also explore the Asian markets from there.
Im confident… short term pain folks, lets keep faith and keep supporting in whichever way we can, provided management and board dont mess up.
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2022.01.22 17:36 Ashamed_Werewolf_325 Construction on new Aloha Stadium to break ground in 2023, Hawaii senator calls for urgency

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2022.01.22 17:36 melbii_ Rest In Peace Sky. Thank you for everything.

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2022.01.22 17:36 JamesCarter11111 🐶 Atom Shiba | Just Launched | DEVS KYC with GemFinder | Major Marketing Incoming | x1000 Gem | Join the most ATOM community 💥

⚡️Welcome to the Atom Crypto World where you can earn $SHIB just by holding the ATOM SHIBA. The Atom Legacy doesn’t end here as it is only the beginning; ATOM PROJECT will launch Atom Wallet, Atom-Swap, Atom Exchange and Atom Cryptos Debit Card for instant Fiat and Cryptocurrency swaps
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Atom Shiba Ecosystem
The token is going to be the first step of building a community and creating a bond between all other members as the future Atom Projects needs the community that can vouch for the team. Holders will be rewarded with shiba with each transaction as it would be a delightful way of expressing gratitude for your support.
The Atom shiba token itself is just the part of the project, but the team will be building an ecosystem of blockchain around this token and utilize every possible way to make it better than other projects i.e. Atom Swap, Atom Wallet, Atom Exchange and Atom Debit card.
Atom Swap
Though the most important step is to launch the token successfully, the team will also be keeping up the pace to follow the roadmap and launch the Atom Swap for the community.
Atom Wallet
The team will be launching a state of the art wallet for its holders and the community will benefit more than any other person out there.
Atom Exchange
As we believe, radioactively lethal to outperform all competitor projects, the Atom Team will launch Atom Exchange where the community will be able to swap or exchange all known cryptocurrency.
Atom Debit Card
What’s better than owning a debit card in which you can keep your crypto and fiat currency safe and use it instantly like any other debit card? We are Atom, and we believe in the future!
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2022.01.22 17:36 dapprestrijder “You cannot weglopen” - Dusan Tadic. What will the score be tomorrow??

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2022.01.22 17:36 Ideal-Complex New beats instrumental what ever i been working on, Hope you check It out and not Hate It
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