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Black Templar

2022.01.22 17:32 ofcrow Black Templar

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2022.01.22 17:32 Il_Diacono Friends voice actors

Is there any place that list the seyuu or they kept it private?
Asking because a certain ~uguu sounds way too much like Ayu Tsukimiya voice actress
A certain green haired bully sounds like Yuiko Kurugaya voice actress
A certain anego Oni sounds like Sargasso from Girls und Panzer
Yatsuhashi sometimes sounds like Himeko from Pani Poni Dash but I could be wrong and she's probably someone from SYD or HNG
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2022.01.22 17:32 Christhephotographer You can’t get what you already have.

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2022.01.22 17:32 Upstairs_Sandwich547 2 space heaters for sale can ship usps

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2022.01.22 17:32 3eyeuniverse Need help finding old chess pieces. Need white king, 2 white pawns, and black rook. Haven’t had any luck so far. Anyone know where to go or who to ask? Vintage Tarascan wood and bone.

Need help finding old chess pieces. Need white king, 2 white pawns, and black rook. Haven’t had any luck so far. Anyone know where to go or who to ask? Vintage Tarascan wood and bone. submitted by 3eyeuniverse to chess [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 17:32 ShaeNotShay 2015 stroke survivor YouTube channel

Hi everyone! I had a stroke in 2015 when I was 17 years old! I have since started a YouTube channel dedicated to showing all of my tips and tricks that I’ve picked up throughout the years being Hemiplegic! I also have some pretty raw and real videos talking about things to do with strokes in general! I’m very open to feedback/suggestions and requests! You can follow me on Instagram: @ShaeTheStrokeSurvivor
And my YouTube channel is: www.youtube.com/c/Shaelyn
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2022.01.22 17:32 Ok-Description-9995 Real or fake

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2022.01.22 17:32 maenad2 Can you identify this book?

I was supposed to read it at school in Vancouver, roughly grade 5-7 (so it's older than 1985.)
It starts with a girl lost in the north of Canada (or maybe Alaska.) She's escaping or searching for something, and she is lost because the sun is up 24 hours a day, and always low on the horizon, so she doesn't know where north/south are.
If anyone knows what this book might be, I'd appreciate it!
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2022.01.22 17:32 AluminumCrab A small collection by me, ink brush on paper, cleaned and colored digitally. try to guess the theme :)

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2022.01.22 17:32 FckYeahUnicorns Hi Mom. I'm having some problems with my mental illness...

(CW for bipolar disorder)
The last time I told you I was bipolar you pretty much shook it off. I know you don't approve of me taking medication and I feel bad for hiding it from you when I visit, but I know you'll be mad.
I actually did really good when I visited you for Christmas and felt "normal" but now I've been in a mixed episode for a few weeks now. One minute I'll be high as a kite cleaning the kitchen or working for 5 hours straight with no break and then next I'm laying on the couch crying. I stopped eating again because the smell of food makes me sick. Then I read somewhere that the older people with bipolar get the least they experience periods of "normalcy." I'm almost 40 and I'm scared I'll feel this way for the rest of my life.
My psychiatrist put me on a new medication that is supposed to help control when I have manic or depressed episodes but I haven't picked it up yet because I'm nervous.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you all of this but you've made it clear to me before that you aren't interested in discussing my feelings with me. My roommates and friends try so hard to help, but sometimes I wish I could be like other people and call my Mom when I'm sad.
Sorry for the long text, Ma. I just feel very alone right now.
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2022.01.22 17:32 playboiparti6 General Bursary release

Does anyone have an idea of when the general bursary is given out if you’ve received it? I applied on award spring but it didn’t have any info on when.
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2022.01.22 17:32 UltimateBoi08 a new speedrunning category?

i have an idea for a speedrun category called swear%
its a speedrun where you have to type "fuck" on the computer in tiny huge bedroom
thats it :)
its meant to be more memey than serious like nipple% in mario odyssey
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2022.01.22 17:32 Gavin_beast13 banana banana 🍌

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2022.01.22 17:32 IrishJesusDude You are very happily married for 20 years, your partner walks in one day and says something that makes you get up and leave and never want to see them again, what did they say?

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2022.01.22 17:32 Ryessy Love triangle in A Shard of Ice

- Am I the only one who got the impression that the mage (Istredd) had an unhealthy obsession with Yennefer? Imo she was like a trophy for him. I'm not saying he didn't love her but it was definitely not healthy. Even the way he was talking about Yennefer was so irritating. It was obvious he didn't know and understand her the way Geralt did even though that mage and Yen had known each other for a longer time.
- So Geralt basically believed that Yennefer never really loved him? Because Yennefer convinced him and even herself that she wasn't in love?
- Do you think Istredd and Yennefer got together later in the story? I mean Istredd told Geralt that he would never give up on Yenna and he would find her sooner and later. I don't know why but at the end of the story I think the mage was kinda pathetic and I felt sorry for him. For some reason I think that short story showed really well what kind of affect Yennefer has on men. They would actually die for her while she always pushes them away (like a real Ice Queen).
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2022.01.22 17:32 TheSignoftheDragon A few days ago, Born to be Kobold! got silver medal achievement on DMsGuild

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2022.01.22 17:32 FelipeJK_ Life imitates art

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2022.01.22 17:32 Tdeeznuts17 My 3 French Heroes on Woods - This was the best moment ive had all wipe

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2022.01.22 17:32 King_Aids recurring dream from ages 4-7

so when I was younger I always remember going up to our spare bedroom and see ghosts and demons and they'd talk to me and try and keep me in there. but the weird thing was I never connected this to being a dream it was just a regular thing. to this day I'm like 85% sure that it was a dream. has this ever happened to anyone else?
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2022.01.22 17:32 IrelandonRedditBot [r/worldnews] Russia to conduct missile tests in Irish-patrolled waters 240km off south-west coast

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2022.01.22 17:32 AcceptableFollowing5 MY LIFE WAS NEVER EAZY SNIPPET VERSION (FAN MADE)

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2022.01.22 17:32 Da_readiness_13 This stock tanked like a MF.

I guess its time to start to cost dollar average into a better position.
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2022.01.22 17:32 Felkha General grievous

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2022.01.22 17:32 jacwag345 POV: You are a trader hunting

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2022.01.22 17:32 BonerSoup5000 Dear Bulk.

Bulk or cut, ha ha I guess that is the big question. Dr. Cornfoot did not intend to release the curse of Don Cheadle. You must understand this. As soon as you are able to give us the mighty knowledge we can put an end to this curse and it’s not like Dr. Cornfoot went in there looking for the dark spirit the dark spirit of the one war machine avenger came out and he has been granting us his essence in playing tricks and sometimes you’re just driving on the freeway and you’re looking at a poster of Encanto and you woke up in New York City in a funky cheap hotel but no the thing is that that’s Ricky Martin and he is not the one who is living LaVida Loca. Living LaVida Loca is what we are doing at this moment because of Dr. cornfields excavating Miska peds miss escapades son bulk or cut please give us the tidbits and put it into this is Chris go now in now
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